adirondack chairs on stone patio


When you have great furniture for your patio, you will experience a lot of comfort in your outdoor spaces. Nowadays, more and more people are embracing the idea of making their outdoor spaces an extension of the living room. This simply means that the simple wooden hammock is being replaced with good seats and tables and people are taking the time to decorate the outdoor spaces just like they do with the indoors. Here are a few tips to help you select Adirondack chairs and other great furniture for the patio.

The weather

The first and the most important consideration to make when you are shopping for outdoor furniture is the fact that it will be constantly exposed to elements of the weather that indoor furniture doesn’t come into contact with. This simply means that you have to choose furniture that has been made to withstand extreme weather like hot sun, dust, snow and rain without rotting or rusting. Nowadays, it is very easy to treat wood and metal in such a way that it can withstand harsh weather. Even if the treated furniture will cost a little more, consider it an investment because it will take time before you have to shop for new furniture.


Ants, termites, aphids, and mites are some of the pests that make it very difficult to maintain our furniture. This becomes even more complex when the furniture is outdoors. To avoid getting your wooden furniture all rotten, you need to make sure that it has been treated against all these pests.

Design And D├ęcor Ideas That You Have

After you have looked at the basics that determine the durability of your patio furniture, the next step will be ensuring that the whole furniture fits the space available in a way that makes it look attractive. You can do this by selecting matching sets of chairs and a good table to go with it. Once you have chosen simple and cute patio chairs, you can even add throw pillows later to make them more comfortable to sit on. The advantage of getting the bare wooden chairs is that when it rains, you will just remove the pillows and will not have to deal with soggy and messy materials.

Choosing The Right Colors

Colors and designs also matter a lot when you are selecting patio furniture. When the colors are well- blended in, they will both match the surroundings and make the entire color motif look really good, or contrast it and create a beautiful vibrancy in your outdoor spaces. There are many designs available when you are choosing outdoor furniture; you just need to go for the ones that fit in your general sense of style.

These are some tips to help you choose the best patio furniture. The last and most important point to note is that you have to choose trusted brands like Adirondack chairs to grace your outdoor spaces. This way, you will be assured of beauty, elegance, and durability. Check out one of my favorite lawn chairs.

balcony furniture


Living in a rental unit can often prevent you from creating a warm, welcoming space to call your own. I currently live in a rental unit that must be returned to it original state when moving out. These rules have put a damper on my ability to make this house feel like a home. However, my family and I have done our best to create a cozy atmosphere, that is inviting and relaxing.


Last summer we focused on our backyard and spruced it up with a new deck. This allowed us to move our patio furniture up off of the grass, which was wonderful because sitting in patio furniture after a rain storm can often feeling a bit like a sinking ship (i.e., soft, muddy ground can begin to absorb certain types of patio furniture) and feet/shoes become less wet and dirty. We also purchased a new offset patio umbrella to maximize our space on the deck. Tiki torches were the final component to our backyard oasis, which created a very warm and relaxing atmosphere in the evenings.


This summer we decided that we needed new patio furniture, but it had to be compact and easily movable. Balcony furniture would be our best bet, as it is often smaller, thus making it easier to move. The furniture we bought was made of wood, which closely resembled teak. The set was made up of a table and four chairs. The table is round when both wings are up, but if the table is not needed you can fold the wings down and it becomes a rectangle that is only about a foot wide. The table also has an awesome storage device that holds the chairs when folded up, so if you don’t need any chairs to sit on, they can be neatly tucked into the table, but remain easily accessible when needed.


Now that we have the offset umbrella and the space saver patio furniture, our back yard seems to be much more functional and pleasing to the eye. I hated entertaining in our yard prior to having the deck, but now I love to host barbecues and parties.


Another feature in our backyard that is very beneficial to those renting is planter boxes. My father-in-law made two planter boxes several years ago, and after he had no use for them, he gave them to our family. They are perfect for growing herbs in or creating a very simple flower garden. It is a lot less upkeep than in an in-ground garden, as I don’t have to pull weeds, and over watering is virtually impossible because the boxes have great drainage. We liked our planter boxes so much that my husband made one more out of scrap wood from a few pallets. The best part about these boxes is that when we move, we don’t have to worry about removing a garden and reseeding, and we can take the boxes with us to use in our next backyard.


In closing I think it is important to emphasize that having a tiny backyard does not need to limit you in what you can do, and there are endless opportunities to make your yard and your house unique, even if you are just renting it.